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November 25 2013

Obserwuj, słuchaj, rzadko osądzaj i nie chciej za dużo.
— Platon
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November 24 2013

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November 19 2013

They found themselves in Poland, and after taking the train from Katowice to Warsaw, they walked together through the Łazienki, one of the great parks of Europe, with centuries-old paths winding among giant trees and the saplings already planted to someday replace them.
 "Did you come here with Sister Carlotta?" Petra asked him.
 "Once," said Bean. "Ender is part Polish, did you know that?" 
 "Must be on his mother's side," said Petra. "Wiggin isn't a Polish name.
 "It is when you change it from Wieczorek," said Bean. "Don't you think Mr. Wiggin looks Polish? Wouldn't he fit in here? Not that nationality means that much any more."

— Orson Scott Card, "Shadow Puppets"
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Cześć, trzymaj się. 
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November 18 2013

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So many reasons to be proud of!
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